Hypoxia Precision Cancer Treatment

Our Hypoxia Precision Cancer Treatment can help patients to make more informed choices about their treatments

Through our research we have found that tumours have varying amounts of oxygen, and those that are of low level (hypoxia), these can be more resistant to treatment. When this happens not only does it leads to a poor prognosis, but it can mean many patients go through unnecessary and painful treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy with minimal results.

At ManTRa Diagnostics we want to change the fact that there is no current way to measure the level of hypoxia in tumours in routine clinical practice. By understanding the hypoxic status of a tumour, we can have a powerful tool to select patients where modern targeted therapies are more likely to work, therefore improving patient outcomes.

Our goal is to change that as we have developed a tumour-site-specific gene expression signature to assess hypoxia. With this expression signature, health care professionals can deliver cancer medicine that is more likely to work for patients.

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