Hypoxic Tumour Microenvironment

A hypoxic tumour microenvironment increases disease progression; leads to poor treatment response and can reduce patient survival.

Since the 1960s, the radiobiology community has explored approaches for measuring hypoxia. What we know is that tumour hypoxia is an adverse prognostic factor, however, despite endless amounts of research, there is no diagnostic test for assessing hypoxia.

At ManTRa Diagnostics we develop and validate genomic signatures that assess tumour hypoxia. In doing so, we help to direct cancer therapy choices and improve patient outcomes.

We are a diagnostics development company that originates from the Department of Translational Radiobiology that is based within the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

What we aim to do is develop and explore new ways of measuring hypoxia and deliver these benefits to patients. By understanding the hypoxic status of a tumour, a patient will be able to make more informed choices when it comes to cancer therapy and improve their overall recovery.

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