Low Oxygen Tumours

Did you know that low oxygen tumours have been associated with resistance to treatment?

Extensive research has shown us that tumours have varying amounts of oxygen, and for those that are low level (hypoxia), these can be particularly resistant to treatment. Not only does this mean that it leads to a poor prognosis, but it can mean many patients go through treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy with minimal results.

As it currently stands, there is no way to measure the level of hypoxia in tumours in routine clinical practice

Here at ManTRa DX we are a diagnostics development company that originates from the Department of Translational Radiobiology based within the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

We aim to change that as we have developed a tumour-site-specific gene expression signature to assess hypoxia. This will allow you to deliver personalised cancer medicine that is more likely to work for your patients.

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